White County Georgia CERT Calendar

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CERT Training takes about 20 hours to complete and provides critical skills in emergency preparedness and response.

Participants learn how to:

- Identify and anticipate hazards

- Reduce fire hazards in the home

   and workplace

- Extinguish small fires

- Assist emergency responders

- Conduct light search and rescue

- Set up medical treatment areas

- Apply basic medical techniques

- Help reduce survivor stress

Click on an event listed in the Calendar below to find details of time, place and any special instructions. Classes meet at the White County Senior Center (1239 Helen Highway, Cleveland GA) unless they are held in the field.

Call 706-865-9500 for questions or registration.

"A great experience to be prepared to help your family, your neighbor & community in the event of a natural disaster.  Also a bonus of meeting some truely great people." - Chuck & Barb Blaine